Note: You can select a security level depending on your needs, before you click Erase Now button. Choose from 3 security levels to determine how deeply you want to erase your data. Erase All or Selected: Enable you to erase unwanted data and keep important files, or wipe the whole iPhone to start afresh. With a touch of a finger, you are connected to the whole world and it could be through smartphones, social networks or professional connectivity. Or select Erase Private Fragments if you want to keep 3rd-party apps clean that no sensitive traces are left on your device. Provide you highest standard in privacy security and keep everything sensitive getting erased. Keystrokes can also be recorded for extra security. Parents will get a reply message stating the coordinates at that specific time, which can be very useful for parents to track when a child’s phone moves out of a pre determined zone or range.

The alert system automatically notifies parents if their child sends or receives specific keywords on their phone. Parents can also get immediate GPS locations by sending a silent SMS message to their child’s phone, the monitored phone will not show anything on the screen. This includes activities such as every text message sent or received, every dialed or received phone call, as well as photos and videos captured by the phone. Simple drag or add the polar text file to this location. One simple way to connect to your on board laptop is through an adhoc connection. Although earlier versions of the iOS don’t have the Screen Time feature, Apple still provided a way of setting up parental control on devices running iOS 11 and earlier. However, more things trigger the locking of Apple ID accounts. We could expect more features on it. Features include Internet filter, parental controls, time management, alerts and reporting, remote administration, user profiles and settings, profanity masking, pornography blocking, and social media filtering.

Spy can also be used to limit the length of time that a child spends on the phone. The Kidgy app provides an overview of the time spent on each app so that you can decide what to limit respectively. In our opinion, according to the table above, we prefer to choose the iMyFone Umate Pro which provides more useful functions and always be updated. That’s why I’ve commented multiple times in this thread about how this pissing contest is stupid and both operating systems are great and it’s all about what features you value more and which operating system fits you best. The service offers the largest list of features, ranging from GPS to instant messengers, and more. This option allows parents to generate a list of words and phrases that trigger the alert. This app enables parents to protect their children and to manage their phone use. It is easy to set up and use, and it provides complete control over what each phone user can see and do. Or select Erase Deleted Files if you would like to see which deleted files still remains on your device and completely erase them to be unrecoverable.

Get rid of previously deleted data in a secure and efficient manner. Wipe Deleted Files: You can see which deleted files still remains on iPhone and completely erase them. The big plus is the ability to see broadly what kids are doing on their devices, and for how long. If they are doing one of the aforementioned things, husbands can then immediately call her and tell to leave the work and take care of her health. The app also monitors phone usage and records details of the applications that have been used and the websites that have been visited, along with screenshots showing parents exactly what their children have been doing. Using the mSpy parental control software, it is possible to restrict children’s access to the internet in order to prevent them from accessing websites or applications that are unsuitable for them. Spy is a useful app for parents who need to monitor their children’s phone use.

You need to make sure that you are using any of the latest iPhone, BlackBerry or Android phone to avoid any compatibility issues with StealthGenie. There are numerous Android and iOS apps that interact with multiple other devices in your house. While there are some weaknesses in the web filtering and application control system Microsoft uses, Windows 10 parental controls do have the advantage of applying across multiple devices. 50 yearly license supports an unlimited number of children and devices. Usage Control: This parental control feature puts the parent in charge of a child’s phone usage, regulating the number of calls and text messages. So they can control and block certain numbers or restrict outgoing calls to a pre-approved list, and even disable the phone during certain times of day, like school hours or after 10 pm. Alerts and Restrictions: You have the power to block any inappropriate website as well as installed applications on the target device. GPS tracking device for kids NEXPSY : mSpy allows parents to set keyword alerts for whatever keywords they suspect. Spy app works very well to hack messengers, and it is easy to read the chats and messages of the suspect.